The Little Redheaded Girl

Posted October 14, 2011 by Kate Miller
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I worked as an At Risk Counselor for nine years at a local Police Dept. It was an amazing job. Day by day I visited with hundreds of kids (mostly teens) who had taken a wrong turn and wanted to get back on track.

One afternoon while in my office a young girl knocked on my door. “Do you remember me she asked?”

“Why yes of course was my reply.” My memory centered on her beautiful auburn hair and a face that had grown up a bit over the years.

“I have wanted to come here for the longest time and tell you something.” I welcomed her in.

“The day I met you was the day I was going to end my life. I had a plan and was going to go home and take care of business until I got arrested and they (the police) brought me to you.”

I was silent for a moment and then felt like I needed to bite my lip so I would n’t cry.

“You told me things I had never heard before, NEVER!” Like I was important, and you felt I could have a wonderful life. You asked me just to stick with you for a few months and things would change. You told me you promised things would get better and that the world needed me. I don’t think you knew that I was hanging on every word you said? I had to tell you -you were right. That job you got me lasted 4 years and I ‘m now taking classes to learn more. I have such a good life Kate. I just had to stop and tell you.” I praised her success and thanked her for telling me her story so many times we both began to laugh and cry.

That was some years ago, but on a day when I feel like there are just too many sad kids, or even problems that have nothing to do with kids…I think of my Sweet Redheaded Girl and stop until I find the truth of what is going on.

I remember that there is ALWAYS more wonderment than challenges. That love is greater by far than frustration,  to use my time to remind each dear soul I have the pleasure of meeting that the world needs them, that they are special and tomorrow is a new and glorious day…And just perhaps they will have the pleasure of meeting their own Redheaded Girl.

With Love,


My Parenting Book is for sale!!!!!

Posted September 24, 2011 by Kate Miller
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I really never imagined I would write a parenting book. I actually find it quite amazing. I had my first child very young.  I had endless love for this beautiful baby boy, but few options, or so it seemed to me. One minute I had graduated high school and the next moment I was a mommy.

It wasn’t until I began working in my career as a preschool teacher that I began to understand parenting. And it was several years later that I had the confidence to write about it. 

I often felt like the book “Papa Can You Get Me the Moon?”   My ladder just wasn’t quite long enough.  The best part of my story is that I never stopped trying to do a better job. I would take classes, read, sign up for workshops, and after my third child was born, graduated college. In the evenings when I wanted to make wonderful tasty sit down dinners, I was so tired I was excited to get mac and cheese served out of a pan .  We hurried off in the morning and hurried home at night.

Yet today….I have three amazing children, living wonderful lives they have created out of the passions within their hearts. My passion was to write a book to inspire parents that feel, at times, like I felt. I wish I would have had the skills then that I have now.

I believe knowledge is power and  grows when it is shared…so this is my sharing, my inspiration, what has grown for me over the past 20 years working with children and families.

It is my humble gift of love and  I am thrilled to offer it to you.



When I was a Little Girl

Posted September 11, 2011 by Kate Miller
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My mother loves to tell the laundromat story. I have heard it so many times, yet it always brings a smile to my face and seems to warm my heart. I hope you enjoy it.

One afternoon my mother and I made the dreaded Saturday trip to do the laundry…(now there’s some heavy energy)

In the parking lot there was a van with a bumper sticker that read “have you hugged your child today?” I read it out loud to my mother and told her how much I liked it. 

As we entered I noticed a woman who was yelling at her little boy. The more she yelled, the more he yelled. I remember thinking that maybe if she used a voice that was kinder he might not be so upset. ( I think I was about ten or so) This exchange began to really upset me. I recall feeling worried with a deep desire to help them.

With a child like innocence I walked over to the lady and asked her if she had read the bumper sticker on the van in the parking lot.  My ten-year old logic felt  that if  she did it might make her feel better.  Her response was not what I had planned. “Well little smarty pants, that is my van so yes I have read the bumper sticker, (followed by) hey lady, you need to teach your kid to mind her own business!!!” My mother was mortified.

The outcome however was perfect…She picked up her little boy and looked down at me and said “come on honey, some people just don’t know how to mind their own business.”

I remember feeling thrilled and even  courageous, like I had really helped someone. I loved that little boy who I had never met.  My mother had a bit of a different take. “If she comes back here , we are leaving.” If you knew my mother you would be laughing so hard right now…

I wrote a quote for Inspirational Texting and reading it today is what reminded me of this story.

“We have to be the voice of all children until they can speak for themselves.”

As an adult, I love that little ten-year old girl who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she intuitively knew was the right thing to do. I hope she always stays with me, always.

Love, Kate

Inspirational Parenting

Posted August 7, 2011 by Kate Miller
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One evening prior to a lecture I was giving a man asked me why I used the title Inspirational Parenting in my title. “Are you going to Inspire me? Do you think I need inspiring?”

“Yes and yes” was my answer. If you’re not inspired after the lecture you can come and let me know. ( I had a feeling he would be happy to do so.)

The Christmas House was my first story in a series of stories that night.  I said that I strive to be a Christmas House and if I could be a Christmas House each day, I would definitely be living from a place of Inspiration. And so the story begins…

I lived in the corner house of a dear little seaside town. It was blue. Blue lace curtains lined the windows, dark blue/gray trim on its shutters and the stucco walls were a very light shade of blue. I loved the contrast of the green grass and the white fence.It was just a hop from downtown so it was a busy street. 

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year and I believe it always will be.  It is my yearly goal to decorate my house with as many lights as I can possibly fit on it. I begin Thanksgiving day and am still at it two weeks later. But oh the excitement of turning them on each and every night. My blue house looked especially beautiful all lit up. I would watch the cars drive by and slow down to see the multitude of color and our wonderful eight foot tall  Snowman family. The joy people would have as they looked at the lights would make my heart sing.

One little visitor, however stands out as none other. One evening I heard a tiny little knock on my door. As I opened it , it appeared that no one was there.  Then this small little voice said ” Hay Yady (lady) I just weally wuv this beautiful bwue house so much. I don’t even go to sweep till mommy dwives me by.” Oh my gosh, my eyes filled with tears. Her mother then explained, “it’s true, my daughter won’t go to bed at night until she sees the beautiful blue house. ”

The lesson I took from that experience was to try to be that magnetic and loving. What if I was able to inspire children in such a way that they felt uplifted, comforted, just like my blue house had touched that little girls heart. Hmm, to be a Christmas house from the inside out…I can do that!

That was one of three stories I gave during my talk that evening. The man did come up after the lecture and said ” I think you did okay.” “Thank you”, was all I said.

Love, Kate

“Let your light shine so bright that your kids will have to wear sun glasses when they see you…” Kate

Children Everywhere

Posted August 6, 2011 by Kate Miller
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This morning I saw a picture of a mother in Somalia, holding her son. They were in need of water, just some water. I could not let go of that image. The desire in a parent’s heart to comfort their child is the deepest longing I know. I wanted to reach into the photo and hold them both. I decided I could donate to an organization offering assistance. But also stay connected through love, from one mother’s heart to another.

Working with children daily, I love their honest thoughts, endless energy and a willingness to learn.  I recently worked with a young girl who told me her self-image had been bad for more years than she could remember? Why”, I asked, as I sat looking at a bright, beautiful teenage girl. “Because that’s what I hear when I’m at school, that I’m ugly and strange.”

Below is a short version of some of our conversation.

“Well you and I are going to go on a journey, a kind of treasure hunt.”


“Yep, a treasure hunt…and you are going to have a great time, I promise. Will you go if I promise we will find a pot of gold at the end of our adventure.”


We began exploring all the powerful qualities this dear girl possessed and they were endless. Each time we met she came with a list of the good things she had realized about her self and also the thoughts that tried to hold her hostage, so to speak. We had a great time  squashing (as she would say) those negative images.  And an even greater time as she would recognize her own unique potential.

She became aware of a powerful thought verses a thought that would try to take away from the work she was doing. Like, “what if every unkind word that had ever been said to you was wrong, just wrong??? That those words hold only the power that you are allowing them to have? Is that possible?”

We spent time learing about energy and how it feels to be full of strong, confident , energy. She began to feel what it meant to allow only the feelings and thoughts in that she wanted to be part of her day.

We continue to uncover her HUGE pot of gold that she truly is…

She realized that the pot of Gold she was finding was her beautiful self…

Love and Blessings,


Getting Things Up and Running

Posted May 24, 2011 by Kate Miller
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I’m so excited about finally getting my inspirational parenting blog up and running. I’ve been working on this project off and on for years, and finally have the time and resources to make it happen. Stay tuned!